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Demo: Building an Internal Developer Portal with Port

The CEO of Port demonstrated his company’s no-code platform for building an internal developer portal in this episode of The New Stack Demos.
Sep 14th, 2023 6:45am by
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Platform engineering is supposed to make the lives of both Devs and Ops easier and more productive — reducing complexity for developers so they can focus on building and delivering their applications, and freeing operations engineers from repetitive tasks.

And that mission includes building an internal developer portal, or IDP, through which developers can access everything they need for self-service.

Port, a two-year-old company, started when its co-founders, Zohar Einy and Yonatan Boguslavski, built an IDP for more than 2,000 engineers at a previous employer to use.

“This is what got us inspired into starting a company around it and allow every organization in the world to adopt the portal,” Einy said.

Now Port’s CEO, he demonstrated his company’s platform for building an IDP in this episode of The New Stack Demos. The no-code portal, which users can set up to suit their specific needs, includes a robust service catalog and a service actions tab, where, Einy said, “developers can get everything that they need when it comes to provisioning infrastructure or for performing data operations and so on.”

The open platform allows users to integrate tools and programs like Kubernetes and Jira, and also custom plugins. It also offers visibility of the entire life cycle of a service. It also offers a way to create scorecards for different software components. “scorecards are the way to define the guardrails you want to put in place for developers to be able to comply with their organization organizational standards,” Einy said.

To see more of how Port works, check out the video. There’s also an interactive demo. “It’s publicly available, and you don’t need to authenticate,” Einy said. “You can play around with the demo. And you can break it, it will refresh after three hours. So don’t worry.”

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