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Dev News: Udemy’s New Docker Program, Plus TypeScript Beta

Udemy and Docker launch a new training program for developers, the State of HTML survey is online and updates from TypeScript, Rust and Astro.
Oct 7th, 2023 5:01am by
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Docker and Udemy will offer more than 350 skills developer training courses, the companies announced at this week’s DockerCon in Los Angeles.

Included in the offering are:

  • A Docker library to provide learners with entry-level to more advanced content on development.
  • Customized learning paths with labs and assessments to help prepare developers for future certification exams.
  • A path for Udemy instructors to become Docker Certified Instructors, and giving them preview access to new features, so they can provide training content for distribution when a new update goes live.

Docker has more than 20 million active developers worldwide.

State of HTML Survey Open

The State of HTML survey, sponsored by Google, is open and Lea Verou, an MIT research assistant, is seeking developers to take the survey.

The results of the survey are used by browsers to prioritize their roadmaps. It’s also used by standards groups to prioritize and make decisions, according to Verou, who is a W3C Technical Architecture Group member.

“Time spent thoughtfully filling them out is an investment that can come back to you tenfold in the form of seeing features you care about implemented, browser incompatibilities being prioritized and gaps in the platform being addressed,” Verou wrote in a blog post about the survey.

There are also questions about JavaScript in this year’s survey.

At the end of the questionnaire, developers are presented with a list of resources where they can learn about new and upcoming features. They also get a personalized score to see how their knowledge stacked up against other respondents.

TypeScript 5.3 Beta Available

The new beta of TypeScript has a slew of updates, including supporting updates to the import attributes proposal.

“TypeScript 5.3 is what we’d call ‘feature-stable,’” wrote Daniel Rosenwasser, senior program manager for TypeScript. “The focus on TypeScript 5.3 will be bug fixes, polish and certain low-risk editor features.”

The team plans to have a release candidate available in November, followed by a stable release soon after.

He also shared that a use case for import attributes is to provide information about the expected format of a module to the runtime.

“The contents of these attributes are not checked by TypeScript since they’re host-specific and are simply left alone so that browsers and runtimes can handle them (and possibly error),” he wrote.

TypeScript plans to depreciate the old syntax for import assertions, which means developers should start to migrate existing code.

Some other changes in the beta include:

  • Stable support for resolution-mode in Import Types.
  • Narrowing on comparisons to Booleans.
  • Interactive inlay hints for types.
  • Optimizations by skipping JSDoc parsing.
  • Optimizations by comparing non-normalized intersections.
  • Consolidations between tsseverlibrary.js and typescript.js.

Rust 1.73.0 Stable Released

Rust 1.73.0 is available, and it includes a list of now-stabilized APIs. It also includes a revised panic message and thread local initialization.

The Rust team changed the panic message so it will appear on its own line instead of being wrapped in quotes, making it easier to read.

The new thread local initialization makes common code more concise. It also avoids running the extra initialization code for the default value specified in the thread_local! for new threads, the post noted.

Astro 3.2 Available

Astro 3.2 released recently, with updates designed to make view transitions and integrations easier to use, the team wrote in a blog post.

Astro is a web framework that combines the features of static site generators and server-side frameworks.

One update is the addition of a new navigate() API, which allows developers to trigger from the client side. Previously, transitions only occurred when the user clicked anchor links, the team members noted.

“With the new navigation API you have complete control over when navigation occurs,” they wrote.

Among the other changes in this release:

  • Control over the browser history stack.
  • Route announcer for screen readers.
  • The ability to dynamically add integrations.
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