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Developing API Programs: Pearson North America

Sep 22nd, 2014 2:03pm by
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Pearson North America has been transitioning from multiple legacy platforms to a single platform of open APIs. Pearson’s APIs are used by internal software engineering teams to build best-in-breed learning applications. Because of its commitment to learning, Pearson’s APIs are also publicly available to allow external developers to create its learning applications based on their platform.

Alex Williams of The New Stack interviewed Allen Rodgers, Director, Developer Network and API Program at Pearson, while attending Apigee’s I Love APIs 2014 conference in San Francisco. They discuss the future of APIs, and how Pearson’s evolving product platform will support a series of experience platforms. Pearson has accumulated a lot of data as to its asset performance, and future challenges will include matching its most effective products with API development. Pearson also realizes the need to balance their long-term consumer needs with the rapidly advancing API technology in order to maintain a stable product.

Apigee is a sponsor of The New Stack.

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