Free eBook Preview: Oceans of Docker and a Whale of an Ecosystem

13 Jun 2015 5:32pm, by

Welcome DockerCon attendees! We hope you enjoy this exclusive preview of The New Stack’s Guide to the Docker & Container Ecosystem, the first of five free ebooks mapping the vast and rapidly expanding oceans of the container universe.

Enter your name and email to get an excerpt from the book, a chapter titled “Crossing the Ocean with Containers,” by Jeff Sussna. You’ll also be the first to receive all five books as they come out.

Navigating the vast waters of the container ecosystem can be adventurous, and promises great treasure, but a good map can be invaluable for the intrepid. We created this free series to offer our unique perspective and analysis on this growing ecosystem.

The ebooks will cover:

  • Understanding the Docker & Container Ecosystem
  • Microservices & Application Architectures
  • Automation & Orchestration
  • Networking, Security & Storage
  • Managing & Monitoring Containerized Environments

While we’re excited to give DockerCon attendees early access to this sample chapter, we encourage you to share it with your friends. (Tweet this page!)

Whale? What are you waiting for?

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Feature image: “Whale whale whale what do we have here?” via gifbay.

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Get the Full Story in the Ebook