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Dylibso ModSurfer Brings SCADA Controls to WebAssembly

"Our goal is to provide Webassembly with a level of observability similar to what you are accustomed to with tools like DataDog or New Relic," said Dylibso's Steve Manuel told TNS.
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“Our goal is to provide Webassembly with a level of observability similar to what you are accustomed to with tools like DataDog or New Relic,” said Steve Manuel, CEO and co-founder of Dylibso, in an interview with TNS. “However, traditional SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are not compatible with the unique characteristics of WebAssembly. The isolation mechanisms employed by WebAssembly effectively prevent external entities from inspecting and monitoring its internal operations.”

In March, the company released ModSurfer, a system-of-record and diagnostics application to search, browse, validate, audit and investigate WebAssembly binaries.

ModSurfer's desktop interface.

There are two main components to Modsurfer: the desktop application and is a closed source. Unlike open source software, Modsurfer is a proprietary application that can be downloaded as a complete package. The application comes with a comprehensive list of Wasm (WebAssembly) modules, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of their functionalities and potential risks.

With Modsurfer, you have the ability to analyze the complexity and potential risks associated with running specific code in your environment. You can assess factors such as CPU usage and determine if the code poses any unexpected or malicious behaviors. This analysis helps you evaluate the safety and reliability of the modules you’re working with.

Furthermore, Modsurfer provides a search function that allows you to explore and filter through your imported modules. For example, you can search for modules that import Wasm or modules that interact with certain features. By clicking on individual modules, you can access additional details and examine their properties and dependencies.

In addition, Modsurfer enables you to set up error message notifications. If a particular term or condition, such as “CX,” is mentioned or triggered, you can configure the application to generate an error message. This feature helps you track and identify specific issues or concerns within your modules.

“Overall, Modsurfer offers a comprehensive environment for exploring, analyzing, and managing Wasm modules,” Manuel said. “It assists in evaluating their risks, searching for specific functionalities, and implementing error message notifications for targeted conditions.”

ModSurfer CLI control.

ModSurfer CLI control.

SCADA refers to a set of controls that observe and record the actions of complex systems.

Dylibso is “developing tailored solutions that work harmoniously with WebAssembly, enabling you to gain insight and observability into your production environment,” Manuel told The New Stack.

In March, the company secured $6.6 million in seed funding to build that ready WebAssembly for enterprise production. The company has already enjoyed wide adoption of Extism, a “universal plug-in system,” (still in beta) that allows WebAsssembly modules to be embedded in other applications.

“These tools will help you understand the behavior of your WebAssembly code, ensure adherence to policies, and maintain the necessary level of compliance,” Manuel said. “Our focus is on bridging the gap between traditional observability practices and the distinctive isolation properties of WebAssembly.”

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