Guide to Cloud Native DevOps

Guide to Cloud Native DevOps

Guide to Cloud Native DevOps
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Cloud native technologies — containers, microservices and serverless functions that run in multicloud environments and are managed through automated CI/CD pipelines — are built on DevOps principles. You cannot have one without the other. However, the interdepencies between DevOps culture and practices and cloud native software architectures are not always clearly defined.

The New Stack’s “Guide to Cloud Native DevOps” helps practitioners, architects and business managers identify these emerging patterns and implement them within an organization. It informs organizational thinking around cloud native architectures by providing original research, context and insight around the evolution of DevOps as a profession, as a culture, and as an ecosystem of supporting tools and services. This ebook will cover topics including:

  • Defining a cloud native approach to DevOps.
  • Common patterns and practices for cloud native architectures.
  • Cultural considerations and best practices.
  • DevOps monitoring, analytics and metrics for success.
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