Best of DevSecOps: Trends in Cloud Native Security Practices

A collection of The New Stack’s best coverage and analysis on the rising DevSecOps trend.

Best of DevSecOps: Trends in Cloud Native Security Practices
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This is the first in a new series of anthologies that assemble some of our best articles on a trending subject, paired with our editors’ insightful analysis to frame the bigger picture. These exclusive ebooks help developers, architects, operators and management go in-depth, quickly, on hot topics in at-scale development and management.

In our Best Of collection on DevSecOps, The New Stack assembles our top articles from the past year to explain the DevSecOps movement. In this ebook, we explore how security practices are now being integrated into the development process, as well as the build pipeline and runtime operations of cloud native applications.

In this ebook you’ll learn more about:

  • How DevSecOps enables faster deployment cycles.
  • Why DevSecOps is necessary for cloud native architectures.
  • The challenges and benefits of DevSecOps practices.
  • The new role of developers and operators in security.
  • How to measure DevSecOps success.
  • Tools and best practices for adoption.
  • Emerging trends to pay attention to.


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