The Docker & Container Ecosystem
Applications & Microservices With Docker & Containers
Automation & Orchestration With Docker & Containers
Networking, Security & Storage With Docker & Containers
Monitoring & Management With Docker & Containers

Applications and Microservices with Docker & Containers

Applications & Microservices With Docker & Containers
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Containers are at the heart of microservices and application architectures. This ebook focuses on migrating from monolithic to microservices architecture, creating delivery pipelines, containers in application development, and best practices for scalability and continuous delivery. We look to discover how developers and organizations are currently using microservices and containers in production. The ebook covers topics including:

  • Microservices in application development and management.
  • Different patterns in microservices architecture.
  • Original data research on open source contributers to container projects.
  • How companies deploy containers in production.
  • Considerations for implementing application architecture at scale.
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