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Kubernetes Deployment and Security Patterns
CI/CD with Kubernetes
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Kubernetes Deployment and Security Patterns

Kubernetes Deployment and Security Patterns
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The key to successful deployment of Kubernetes lies in picking the right environment based on the available infrastructure, existing investments, the application needs and available talent. Depending on whether Kubernetes is deployed on premises, on a single cloud provider, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud, users will face different technical challenges and will need a different set of tools for deployment. These factors also affect how operations teams approach security with Kubernetes, and it’s critical to understand security in the context of these environments. Topics in this ebook include:

  • CNCF survey data research and findings about Kubernetes deployment and security practices.
  • Key elements of a Kubernetes cluster running in production.
  • Deployment patterns for public cloud, private cloud, PaaS, CaaS and more.
  • Security considerations for Kubernetes and the DevOps life cycle.
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