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Kubernetes Deployment and Security Patterns
CI/CD with Kubernetes
Kubernetes Solutions Directory

Kubernetes Solutions Directory

Kubernetes Solutions Directory
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The success of the Kubernetes project has led to an ecosystem of explosive growth surrounding it. There are now so many different types of Kubernetes distributions — solutions that build off of Kubernetes to create full-fledged platforms, and other related tools and services — that it can be hard to know what your options are. In our Kubernetes Solutions Directory, we look to classify and organize the projects and vendor offerings that are used to deploy and manage Kubernetes and the applications running on it. This directory includes:

  • Kubernetes distributions, including Platform as a Service, Containers as a Service, and container platform offerings.
  • Open source projects managed as part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Kubernetes repository.
  • Tools that help with the implementation, deployment and management of Kubernetes and applications running on top of it.
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