The Second Edition of
Application Deployment and Security on Kubernetes
CI/CD with Kubernetes
A Guide to Kubernetes Distributions and Tools

A complete update to The State of the Kubernetes Ecosystem!

The Second Edition of
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A lot has changed since we published the original Kubernetes Ecosystem ebook in 2017. Kubernetes has become the de facto standard platform for container orchestration and market adoption is strong. We now see Kubernetes as the operating system for the cloud — evolving into a universal control plane for compute, networking and storage that spans public, private and hybrid clouds. In this ebook you’ll learn:

  • Kubernetes architecture.
  • Options for running Kubernetes across a host of environments.
  • Key open source projects in the Kubernetes ecosystem.
  • Adoption patterns of cloud native infrastructure and tools.

Author Janakiram MSV is the Principal Analyst at Janakiram & Associates and an adjunct faculty member at the International Institute of Information Technology and an Ambassador for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). He was one of the first Certified Kubernetes Administrators and Certified Kubernetes Application Developers. Lawrence Hecht, research director at The New Stack, edited the revised custom data analysis based on CNCF’s latest community survey. And Richard MacManus, senior editor at The New Stack and former founder of ReadWriteWeb, will edit the revised ebook.

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