Guide to Cloud Native Microservices

Guide to Cloud Native Microservices

Guide to Cloud Native Microservices
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In this new era of cloud native development and deployment, hyperagile architectures are based on collections of components, called microservices, that run for the most part on containers in orchestration engines such as Kubernetes. With these new architectures come new ways to create software-defined businesses that run on automated infrastructure and support platforms that developers and operations teams use to continually develop and manage applications at scale. In this ebook, we’ll provide a high-level overview of what organizations should consider as they create, deploy and manage microservices for cloud native applications. This ebook covers topics including:

  • Developing cloud native microservices.
  • Migration, security, and deployment strategies.
  • How microservices impacts the DevOps team.
  • Managing and monitoring microservice environments.
  • Site reliability engineering (SRE) and disaster recovery for microservices.
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