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eBook Series: The Docker and Container Ecosystem

Sep 19th, 2015 9:42am by

Welcome to the most comprehensive overview of the Docker and container ecosystem. The first eBook begins with a focus on the evolution of containers, how containers have impacted every part of the development community, and a definitive directory of companies, products and services critical to the container economy. Later in the series, we address how containers are changing specific areas of application development, microservices, orchestration, networking, security, monitoring and management.

The five eBooks will focus on:

  • Understanding the Docker & Container Ecosystem.
  • Microservices & Application Architectures.
  • Automation & Orchestration.
  • Networking, Security & Storage.
  • Managing & Monitoring Containerized Environments.

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This series has insights from the leading independent thinkers who are shaping the conversations for this new developer- and application-centric community. Learn from technologists and leaders from companies that are coming to define what we know and understand as the new stack. A big thanks to our sponsors who are establishing their own leadership in these new ecosystems: Apcera, Cisco, CloudSoft, Docker, IBM, Pivotal, VMware.

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