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Enabling Platform Level Security for the Enterprise

May 7th, 2018 1:48pm by
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Enabling Platform Level Security For The Enterprise

As more organizations begin the transition to a container and microservices-based infrastructure, they are maintaining and integrating legacy systems, which pose a security challenge. Some cloud service providers have not kept up with the higher security demands that today’s cloud-native architectures demand, leaving IT teams to wonder how to best secure their multicloud environment across both legacy and new architectures.

On today’s episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, Pivotal‘s Senior Technical Program Manager Molly Crowther explores how Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes work together in conjunction with the open source community to reduce risk for enterprises moving into the cloud, and ensure that projects are focusing on security.

“I think now as more services get added to Cloud Foundry it’s been interesting the way they have evolved in their thinking. I think it’s been great the culture has evolved, people aren’t starting from ground zero, they’re starting with a more nuanced view of security,” said Crowther.

In its own approach to security, Pivotal makes use of the Cloud Foundry container runtime in order to access the most updated version of Kubernetes within its pipeline. When discussing some of the achievements Cloud Foundry has made over the last year, Crowther noted that UAA was among one of the most successful, explaining that Cloud Foundry has built-in multifactor authentication using Google Authenticator, and that or platform operators in particular, multifactor authentication is particularly beneficial.

In this Edition:

1:22: Exploring the context behind Crowther’s talk at CF Summit Boston.
3:57: What are some examples of the transition to this new security-based way of thinking?
11:03: What are some of the security accomplishments that have had the highest priority?
13:49: Exploring Pivotal’s 2018 goals.
17:02: How are you managing both the application environment and the Kubernetes runtime on Cloud Foundry?
19:28: The development of the container runtime within distributed teams.

The Cloud Foundry Foundation sponsored this post. Pivotal is a sponsor of The New Stack.

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