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Event Intelligence Lets Your DevOps Sleep at Night

May 11th, 2017 4:08pm by
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As DevOps becomes more ubiquitous, it’s inevitable that the role of developer will change as well. And those changing duties means their tools will have to be better targeted for rapid development and deployment. On the 137th episode of The New Stack Analysts, RedMonk Principal Analyst and co-founder Stephen O’Grady and PagerDuty Director of Platform Strategy David Hayes joined us to discuss PagerDuty’s digital operations management platform strategy, its emphasis on developer ecosystems, and how the company is adapting to the fast-paced development styles of DevOps and continuous integration and deployment.

#137: PagerDuty’s Platform Tells A Developer Story

PagerDuty’s focus on developers is a response to a market that puts far greater emphasis on making tools and services accessible to developers. It is also taking a page from how companies like Netflix are using their services. Web-scale companies like Netflix and Etsy are five years ahead of everyone else when it comes to creating a culture where dev tools are spread throughout the organization. Part of creating this success is elevating incident response with a greater focus on event intelligence.

Event intelligence is the logical extension of trying to get not just faster incident response, but fewer incidents as a whole; it’s answering the question of what information you can bring to bear on any particular problem. It entails performing analysis on your data set and business processes to better understand those workflow when there’s a problem.


1:38: PagerDuty’s strategy for the developer ecosystem.
6:15: What event intelligence is and why it is relevant now.
9:23: What organizations are doing differently when they utilize event intelligence.
22:44: Application developers who are increasingly aware of their infrastructure.
26:08: How developers are getting closer to being customer facing.
29:07: The philosophy behind how PagerDuty structures its platform.

PagerDuty sponsored this podcast.

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