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Red Hat’s Radhesh Balakrishnan on the Evolution of OpenStack

Dec 13th, 2017 2:00pm by
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Evolution Of OpenStack: Radhesh Balakrishnan

Red Hat has been one of the early backers of the OpenStack and also the largest contributor to the project. It has been part of OpenStack’s overall evolution. During the recent OpenStack Summit Sydney, Australia, we talked to Radhesh Balakrishnan, Red Hat’s general manager for OpenStack, in this latest edition of The New Stack Makers podcast.

As the adoption of OpenStack is growing, new players are coming in and the project is evolving and adapting. Balakrishnan said that the OpenStack community is reacting to this trend.

“That’s the good part about having a community-driven innovation model,” said Balakrishnan. “We are in a good spot because OpenStack has proven itself to be the open underlying infrastructure for a number of verticals.”

He pointed out that a couple of years ago telecommunications companies used to be a ‘new’ use-case, today OpenStack has become the default for their Network Functions Virtualization infrastructure.

“Being able to react to the demands out there and then chartering your course is an absolute requirement. Now looking forward, the reality also is that containers are becoming more of the first level conversation that most of the CIOs want to have. So how does the world of containers and OpenStack come together much better is a key area focus,” said Balakrishna.

Balakrishnan sees machine learning as an interesting area to watch out for in the OpenStack space. We also discussed OpenStack composability and containerization.

In This Edition:

0:54: What Balakrishnan thinks about the evolution of OpenStack.
3:04: How is OpenStack going to work with different communities for open collaboration?
7:26: How containers are touching everything and containerization of OpenStack services themselves.
11:37: Defining composability in OpenStack.
12:41: Balancing flexibility and control when using OpenStack.
14:56: The unique OpenStack use cases Red Hat is serving.

The OpenStack Foundation and Red Hat are sponsors of The New Stack.

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