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Exploring the Future of the Kubernetes Ecosystem

14 Apr 2017 3:00pm, by

On today’s episode of The New Stack Makers, TNS founder Alex Williams caught up with Kelsey Hightower, Google developer advocate, and Michelle Noorali, Deis Software engineer, at CloudNativeCon/KubeCon EU. Hightower discussed the need to, “Never stop learning,” adding that he is currently focused on learning how to empathize with people using the Kubernetes platform. In stark contrast to last year’s event, both Hightower and Noorali noted that the 2017 CloudNativeCon/KubeCon EU conference was less about the newness of running a Kubernetes cluster, but more about day two issues such as managing long-term cluster security, building one’s own toolkit for working with Kubernetes, and operators.


1:18: What are you learning?

1:55: And what are you learning that they’re needing?

2:47: Why do you all find that relevant here? Has that always been true? Is there something you’re learning at this event that makes this more relevant?

4:27: But isn’t that a trap too, where you’re making a trade-off there right?

5:33: So, are you finding a lot of people are building their own distributed systems from scratch?

7:25: So it strikes me as interesting that there’s this build-your-own-tool culture around Kubernetes. That also creates a new level of complexity, doesn’t it?

10:02: How do you think of these as early days? How do you clarify it in your own mind that these are still early days?

11:20: What questions are you getting that leads you to believe these are early days?

12:19: So what are some of the hard problems you’ve seen people are trying to solve right now out of this show? How is this show different than the last show you attended in terms of those hard problems people are trying to solve?

14:01: What are those patterns that you find interesting that you’re starting to see that strike you as maybe not outliers but reflect the direction of the overall ecosystem itself?

15:20: Are you seeing any specific patterns that strike you as thematic that relates to the direction of the Kubernetes ecosystem overall?

16:07: Looking forward, beyond the conference, what are some of the things you’re going away with and want to have discussions with people about?

17:21:  What are you going to be thinking about the conversations you want to have going forward?


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