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Why GoDaddy Built a Container-as-a-Service Platform

9 Mar 2017 9:25am, by

For the 130th episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast, we focused on GoDaddy’s journey toward developing a containers-as-a-service (CaaS) platform. Heading the discussion was Shaheeda Nizar, senior director of engineering at GoDaddy, joined by Micah Rupersburg, GoDaddy CaaS engineering leader. Donnie Berkholz, director for 451 Research, joined TNS founder Alex Williams in the interview.

Throughout the conversation, Nizar and Rupersburg explained that as GoDaddy developers saw the advantages of containerizing applications and packaging together dependencies, it became a necessity to build a platform to run, orchestrate, and manage those containers.

#130: Why GoDaddy Built a Container-as-a-Service Platform

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