Going to OSCON? Let’s Party at The New Stack’s 5th Birthday Gig

12 Jul 2019 10:04am, by

Going to OSCON this year? Do you live in Portland? Or just visiting? Let’s party! We’re celebrating our fifth anniversary with drinks, cake and art!

Here’s where The New Stack 5th Anniversary party will all go down:

Date: Wednesday, July 17
Time: 6 pm – 9 pm
Place: Rontoms Lounge
Address: 600 E Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97214

Come celebrate this big milestone with us after a day at OSCON, and within walking distance! Free food, drinks and birthday cake, with gluten-free and vegan options. Come check out an open-source interactive art installation by openStar Systems of Portland.

From their GitHub page:

The Differential Repeater (named after Gilles Deleuze’s great work of philosophy Difference and Repetition) is a large scale sequencer realm where sequences and patterns may be continually modified by constructive (no overwrite) and destructive (overwrite) algorithms.

Some thanks we’ll be spreading at the party:

  • To our readers, listeners and viewers: We’ll raise a toast to thank you for keeping coming back to The New Stack. How can we serve you better? Come by for a beverage and a snack to let us know. Our goal is to keep providing you with the explanation and analysis of at-scale technologies that you rightly deserve.
  • To our sponsors: We’ll be giving you a big cheer for making The New Stack possible and adding so much to what we do. Our network continues to grow in large part because of your contributions and excellent work. We’d like to know what we can do better. Come on by — we want to chat.
  • To our team: You make The New Stack what it is. You bridge editorial independence with a sponsor model. Through explanation and analysis, you build a perspective for developers and software engineers to better understand the complexities of at scale development, deployment and management. This party is for you.

Our vision for the past five years and the years ahead is to build a long-term sustainable business. We strive to provide high-quality work for our community. And we make it our goal to be a critical, trusted resource for people making complex technical decisions.

Last year we had a great time at Rontom’s kicking back and chatting with all our pals in town for O’Reilly’s annual conference. And now that we’re five, we hope to see you again as well as see some new faces, too.

Hope to see you there. Happy summer.