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Google’s Private Container Registry in Beta Release

Jan 23rd, 2015 11:15am by
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Google on Friday announced the beta release of a new service: Google Container Registry for managing private container repositories. It cites three key benefits to Google Cloud Platform customers:

  • Access control: Only members of your own team can access your private images.
  • Server-side encryption: Those images are encrypted before they’re written to disk.
  • Fast and reliable deployment: Those images are stored and cached in Google datacenters.

There is no extra cost to existing customers for using the registry service. It’s also offering a free trial, though users will need to install Docker and Google Cloud SDK.

Though the wildly popular Docker raised $40 million in new funding to address the enterprise market, its security limitations keep large companies interested in the technology, but leery. In December it released a new version of Docker Engine with new security features.

Nevertheless, many companies prefer to stick with private cloud deployments, while the big public cloud players like Google work to shore up security and ease those fears.

In a recent report, Gartner analyst Joerg Fritsch wrote that Docker is secure enough for multi-tenant, platform-as-a-service type operations, but more controls may be required for Linux containers used across multiple trust levels, security zones, or potentially hostile tenants.

CoreOS in October announced a stand-alone Docker container registry for private deployments, through its acquisition if New York startup Ditto for Microsoft’s Azure and startups like Tutum.

Though it’s possible to set up your own Docker registry, Steve Reed, principal engineer at online retailer zulily, an early adopter of the registry service, says Google makes it easy to integrate the registry into development and deployment workflow.

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