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How TechWorld with Nana Spreads DevOps Skills to Millions

The creator of an online educational empire discusses why DevOps is needed now more than ever and how this is the perfect time to begin a career in DevOps.
Aug 24th, 2023 10:35am by
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Want to learn DevOps? Then you owe it to yourself to check out TechWorld with Nana and let Nana Janashia be your guide.

Janashia has taught millions of people how to advance their DevOps skills through her YouTube channel, online DevOps courses, company training and workshops. The TechWorld with Nana event released a special DevSecOps bootcamp this summer. She and I discussed DevOps, its culture and happy chaos in this episode of the New Stack Makers.

For example, the boot camps are six-month courses that start with an overview and finish in the sixth month with learning programming skills, automation with Python, configuration management, and monitoring with Prometheus.

On YouTube, TechWorld with Nana continually uploads new videos covering topics like Kubernetes and programming languages like Python and Go. She helps define and better understand practices such as platform engineering

Janashia’s knowledge of the DevOps world comes through in her work, which started when she was an engineer for a company in Austria. She had started working on Kubernetes. Colleagues began to ask her about it, which led her to think more deeply about how to explain K8’s mysteries. That was her first understanding of how much she enjoyed explaining the topic and taking away people’s fear.

What’s the Current DevOps Career Path?

TechWorld with Nana receives comments from viewers saying that they switched to a DevOps career by watching her YouTube videos. But why should people get into DevOps now? What is the career path that Janashia is seeing?

For her, DevOps is still a relatively new professional role. There are aspects to it that need standardizing. 

“The biggest problem is the confusion between these roles,” Janashia said about how DevOps fits people’s roles. There are software engineers, cloud engineers, site reliability engineers (SREs) — the list goes on.

“And it’s not just the engineers who have a problem defining it, but also the companies themselves, who want to implement DevOps in their companies,” she said.

Engineers move into new companies in the same role, but the workflows and environments are entirely different, as well as the concept of DevOps.

“It’s something different than what you’re used to in your previous job,” Janashia said. “So that creates a lot of confusion.”

The New Stack covers the DevOps space closely. It’s the DevOps culture that drives its ongoing evolution. But listening to Janashia helps provide a bit of space and perspective about its dynamics that makes the chaos of DevOps a bit exciting and fun to be a part of as the community evolves.

Check out the full episode of Makers for more on Janashia and her take on the DevOps world.

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