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How to Respond to Any Crisis (IT or Otherwise) in an Organized Way

1 Feb 2019 2:26pm, by

How to Respond to Any Crisis (IT or Otherwise) in an Organized Way

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For this week’s episode, we speak with Rich Adams, a senior engineer of security and incident response at PagerDuty. A few weeks back, PagerDuty released as open source the documentation for how organizations can set up a process for responding to incidents, including the establishment of a command center and the designation of an incident response leader. The guidelines are based on the company’s own standard operating procedures for handling a crisis.

“Anyone can use the information in our guide, whether they’re a PagerDuty customer or not. The guide is about how organizations can respond to incidents — regardless of the products they use — so we focus on the principles and techniques of incident response as opposed to how one can perform specific actions within a tool,” Adams wrote in the post.

PagerDuty is the leading digital operations management platform, empowering enterprise DevOps, IT operations, support, and security to turn any signal into insight and real-time action across any operational use case.

In the second half of the show, we spoke to Kong co-founder Marco Palladino, about the end of what calls “software tribalism,” as open source moves the industry to a hybrid world driven by developers, not software stack vendors.

“Open source plays a different role for different players of the ecosystem, but the best one is empowering developers. In a typical company, developers didn’t make a lot of software decisions, but that has changed in a big way,” Palladino quotes Kafka co-creator Neha Narkhede in the piece.

TNS editorial director Libby Clark hosted this episode, along with TNS founder Alex Williams and TNS managing editor Joab Jackson.

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