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Instant Data in a Post-DevOps World Comes Down to State

Oct 30th, 2019 5:00pm by and
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Stateful data management and storage are set to remain ever-present in IT infrastructures for the foreseeable future. But as containers and Kubernetes take hold, storage management for stateless and multiplatform environments is set to change. This holds true whether your organization employs hundreds of developers spread around the world who regularly spin up stateless containers or if your organization has data spread among multicloud and on-premises legacy environments. In any case, all of this data must be stored somewhere in a stateful form.

At the end of day, all that “state” really means is that “data outlasts containers,” Murli Thirumale, CEO and co-founder of Portworx, said. However, in this era of stateless data, a new kind of storage has emerged.

In this edition of The New Stack Makers podcast, recorded during TC Sessions: Enterprise in September in San Francisco, Thirumale described this new era of storage management and Portworx’s role in this context as a provider of stateful storage for containers and multiplatform environments.

Instant Data in a Post-DevOps World Comes Down to State

Storage was arguably boring in the past compared to today when so many organizations are tasked with storing and analyzing data from multiple, varied, and increasingly, containerized sources.

“Data management is really about managing data across multiple applications and nodes and across multiple users and across multiple instances of those applications. Data management is sort of this new area that containers have brought up that has exploded,” Thirumale said. “Not only is containers one of the drivers, you now have sort of this distributed world.”

Today’s IT environment is consequently often very multicloud and multi-environment “where people are operating in multiple geographies at the same time and with the same application, you have this expectation it will be rolled out worldwide,”  Thirumale said.

A “post-DevOps world has emerged,” Thirumale said, in which data is instantly available from applications often from around the world. “Managing all of that becomes a particular challenge that will exceed just storing the data,” Thirumale said. “So, with solutions like Portworx, our product provides precisely all of those functions for containerized deployments.”

The storage solution Portworx offers, for example, meets the modification needs of organizations that come with the adoption of Kubernetes environments. “Extension communities have been created by the community to address all of the things that Kubernetes doesn’t guarantee,” such as driver volumes, Thirumale said. “Portworx is an example of one of those products that works with the Kubernetes CSI interface, and provides all of the functionality to make stateful applications work with Kubernetes.”

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