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IPv6, the Future Stack and Did Our Nukes Get pwned? Plus more from the Sponsored Feed

Aug 26th, 2014 9:41am by
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Sometimes it’s the good guy who needs to re-examine why a successful attack happened. Orchestration continues to be a hot topic. And the data driven business is getting more tangible with the advancement of APIs and data analytics. This and more can be found on The New Stack sponsored feed, which appears at the bottom of every post. The items in the sponsored feed link back to the sponsor’s blog. The more the sponsor posts, the more their posts appear at the top of the

New Relic: FutureStack14: High Profile New Speakers Added to FutureStack14’s Stellar Lineup

Some new speakers have been added to New Relic’s Future Stack conference. They include people who work for companies like Adobe, GoPro, Bleacher Report, and Lending Club. New Relic’s Executive Editor Frederic Paul writes:

A key focus for many of the data-driven executives, innovators, visionaries, and data scientists will be how organizations of all sizes are changing the game by leveraging modern software and the data it generates.

GoPro’s Charles Prober, for example, will talk about how the company’s customer fan community helped it become a market leader and cultural icon. John Paul from VenueNext will share details about his company’s new location-aware mobile app, which connects San Francisco 49ers fans with the team’s newly-opened Levi’s Stadium. Also on stage will be Chris Whong, a self-described urbanist and civic hacker who created data visualizations mapping a day in the life of a New York City taxi driver, a project that quickly went viral.

Cloudsoft: Cloudsoft Joins Couchbase Partner Ecosystem

A partnership with Couchbase, a NoSQL database company, will mean that Couchbase users can now create composite blueprints that will enable them to model, deploy,and manage their Couchbase applications both on-premises and in the cloud. Cloudsoft’s Application

Management Platform (AMP), built on the open source Apache Brooklyn project, streamlines the deployment and operation of applications by orchestrating services, platforms, and infrastructure dynamically and in real time. Enterprises building and running applications can compose them from a wide range of software components, policies, and target environments.Cloudsoft is now developing mobile support for Couchbase:“We are actively working with Couchbase to add Couchbase Mobile support,” added Alex Heneveld (CTO & Co-Founder, Cloudsoft). “We look forward to showcasing this at Couchbase Connect in San Francisco and getting feedback from the Couchbase community.”

KinveyVMworld 2014 – Join Us & Learn How to Thrive in the Mobile-Cloud Era!

The Kinvey team has several technical discussions planned for VMworld this week in San Francisco.

Here’s a sample of a discussion it is hosting about:

Mobile use cases are exploding across enterprises, leaving IT departments racing to keep up with the demand from line of business developers while satisfying security and reliability requirements and providing scalable governance. Piecing together disjointed tools is no remedy. Learn about VMware’s new enterprise mobile platform, a complete solution delivered in conjunction with industry-leading partners to ensure that your stakeholders have the flexibility they require to enable a great customer experience AND deliver breakthrough end-to-end mobile security and global availability. Getting your enterprise ready to meet mobile demand is a big challenge, but the hybrid cloud approach makes it easier than you think.

Digital Ocean: Announcing NYC3 With IPv6 Support

The first Digital Ocean location with IPv6 support in the United States is now up and running in New York.


Here are some articles to help people get started with IPv6 on your Droplets:

Adallom: Did the Chinese pwn our nukes?

No, they did not. Regardless, it does not matter if it is the Chinese or some kid getting into federal government systems. Most of the time, it’s the good guys who just make stupid mistakes. It gets worse. We are not learning from the mistakes. Tal Klein writes:

We must get to a point where companies and government entities can be honest about breaches and their impact. Our focus should be on the affected and vulnerable first, and we should invest in risk profiling and data valuation, so that we can develop a risk appetite model that m accepts that data will be lost, properly communicates the impact of breaches, and focuses on mitigation and education rather than prevention and finger pointing.

Tidemark: Blowing Past Your Business Speed Limit

Inflexible data structures means a business can’t get the metrics that it often needs to make the correct business decisions. The trick is to avoid manual processes and custom projects. The post by Tidemark looks at some of the issues that slow businesses down and what they can do to speed things up. Check out The New Stack Analysts video recording we did last week with Tidemark CEO Christian Gheorghe and Adrian Cockcroft of Battery  Ventures. We’ll post the show notes this week.

Apigee: Data-Driven Product Management (webcast & podcast)

We hear about data driven decision making a lot, but how do you actually do it? Apigee recently did a webinar and podcast to show ways businesses can combine APIs with data analytics to get better business results.

They cover the following:

  • The value of data-driven product management.
  • How to make data-driven product management decisions.
  • Using API metrics to drive operational and business decisions for your product.
  • How to leverage Apigee Edge for product management, API management, and app management.

Feature image via Flickr Creative Commons.

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