Will JavaScript type annotations kill TypeScript?
The creators of Svelte and Turbo 8 both dropped TS recently saying that "it's not worth it".
Yes: If JavaScript gets type annotations then there's no reason for TypeScript to exist.
No: TypeScript remains the best language for structuring large enterprise applications.
TBD: The existing user base and its corpensource owner means that TypeScript isn’t likely to reach EOL without a putting up a fight.
I hope they both die. I mean, if you really need strong types in the browser then you could leverage WASM and use a real programming language.
I don’t know and I don’t care.
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Java Usage Keeps Climbing, According to New Survey

Python, Rust and Kotlin also saw boosts in popularity compared to 2020 among the 26,000 developers worldwide surveyed by Slash Data.
Dec 9th, 2022 1:22pm by and
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Java may not be the most cloud-friendly of languages, but that hasn’t slowed down its usage, according to results from SlashData’s “State of the Developer Nation” report for the third quarter of 2022.

Just under half of the active developers worldwide (49%) reported that they use Java, compared with 39% who said so in Q3 2020 — an increase of 26%.

Other languages seeing noteworthy increases in the survey since Q3 2020 include:

  • Kotlin, a favorite of mobile developers that is compatible with the Java ecosystem (from 11% to 18%, a 64% increase).
  • Python, vital to data analysis and automation (from 42% to 50%, a jump of 19%).
  • Rust, the much-loved C++ alternative (moving from 4% to 8%, a 100% increase).

The survey reached more than 26,000 participants in 163 countries around the world and was conducted from June through August, according to Slash Data, an analyst of the global developer community.

Column chart showing language usage during Q3 since 2000, according to data from SlashData's State of the Developer Nation report Q3 2022.

Java’s Dominance in Financial Services

Two other studies confirm Java’s strength. According to Tidelift’s “2022 Open Source Software Supply Chain Survey Report,” 49% of open source developers think their organization relies on Java, up from 42% in 2020.  The report also showed that the largest organizations were more like to rely on Java while the smaller ones tended toward JavaScript.

Financial services organizations are extraordinarily tied to Java. The “State of Open Source in Financial Services” reports that 50% of repositories associated with financial services developers use Java, while only 11% of all GitHub projects use Java.

The graphic shows that larger organizations rely more on Java, while smaller organizations rely more on JavaScript.

Chart shows the percentage of financial services developers that use different programming languages.

A Dart and Flutter Popularity Check

One language that saw no noticeable increase in usage this year is Dart, which stayed constant at 6% usage over 2021 in the Slash Data study.

At first glance, this seems to contradict the assertion made in The New Stack by Fabrice Bellingard, vice president of product at SonarSource, that there is growing interest in Dart and Flutter for mobile. So, we looked at to Stack Overflow’s annual “Developer Survey” to get a second opinion. It turns out that the developers surveyed by Stack Overflow in 2022 also use Dart at the same 6% level.

Where Dart continues to have buzz is among developers that work on mobile projects, with 27% of the 7,634 mobile developers surveyed by Stack Overflow using the language, up from 24% in the 2021 survey. Among mobile developers, the use of the development framework Flutter rose from 27% in 2021 to 30% in 2022, an 11% increase. However, among all the developers, Flutter usage fell less than a percentage point to 13% as compared over the last year.

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