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Kit Colbert, VMware: Containers Allow Businesses to Move Faster

Jan 14th, 2016 2:20pm by
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This podcast is the third in a series of interviews that we conducted while assembling our second eBook on the container ecosystem, “Applications & Microservices with Docker and Containers,” out January 20.
Kit Colbert
Kit Colbert is vice president and general manager of Cloud-Native Apps at VMware, Before coming to VMware, Colbert was chief technical officer for End-User Computing, the chief architect and principal engineer for Workspace Portal, and the lead management architect for the vRealize Operations Suite.

Containers present an opportunity for businesses to move faster and provide greater value to their customers, depending heavily on how integrated the rest of their tooling is with these technologies.

In this podcast, VMware’s Kit Colbert discusses the influence of IT operations on the adoption of container technologies. Colbert talks about VMware as an infrastructure provider — and how their dedication to integration affects the way businesses deliver their products.

The Cloud-Native Apps team that Colbert heads up at VMware focuses on “next-generation application technologies,” he said, “containers, application architectures like microservices, trends like DevOps, continuous integration … primarily how we help our customers to embrace these technologies.”

“From a product standpoint, we’re also looking at extending existing products as well as building-out new products,” he said, “focused on the infrastructure side of these next-generation applications.” At the time of this interview, VMware had announced vSphere Integrated Containers and the Photon Platform.

Kit Colbert, VMware: Integrating Containers and Infrastructure

This podcast is also available on YouTube.

“With virtualization, it was a pretty transparent layer,” said Colbert. “You went from eight-to-ten weeks to deploy a server, down to a few minutes, but the rest of your process and organization stayed mostly the same.”

But with cloud-native, he said, “in order to truly take advantage of all these opportunities, you have to reorganize. You have to change your culture; you have to think differently. Those are the challenges we’re seeing a lot in our customer base.”

“We really see ourselves as infrastructure provider. We don’t see ourselves being in what you might call ‘the application platform space,'” said Colbert. “What we’re doing is really enabling our infrastructure offerings to better integrate those various application platform technologies.”

“With vSphere integrated containers, what we’re doing is allowing companies to apply all the same technologies that they have with vSphere, and surrounding vSphere, to containers, effectively making containers a first-class citizen on vSphere.”

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