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KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2022 Europe, Valencia: Bring a Mask

26 Apr 2022 4:36pm, by

Last week, the country of Spain dropped its mandate for residents and visitors to wear masks to ward off further infections of the coronavirus. So, for this year’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe conference, to be held May 16 – 20 in Valencia, Spain, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation dropped its own original mandate that attendees wear masks, a rule that had been in place for its other recent conferences.

This turned out to be the wrong decision, CNCF admitted a week later. A lot of people who already bought tickets were upset at this relaxing of the rules for the conference, which could put them in greater danger of contracting the disease.

So the CNCF put the mandate back in place and offered refunds to those who felt that Spain’s decision would put them in harm’s way. CNCF will even send you a week’s worth of N95 masks if you request them.

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2022 Europe, in Valencia: Bring a Mask

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So, long story short: Bring a mask to KubeCon. And it is still a requirement to show proof of vaccination, and temperature checks will be made as well.

Tricky business running a conference in this time, no?

In this latest episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, we take a look at what to expect from this year’s KubeCon EU 2022. Our guests for this podcast are Priyanka Sharma, the executive director of CNCF, and Ricardo Rocha, who is a KubeCon co-chair and computer engineer at CERN. TNS Editor Joab Jackson hosted this podcast.

We recorded this podcast prior to the discussion around masks, and at the time, Sharma said that the CNCF based the mask ruling on Spain’s country-wide mandates. “So we are being very cautious with the health requirements for the event,” she said.

The conference team is also keeping an eye on Russia’s aggressive moves in Ukraine, although it is unlikely that the chaos will reach Spain. Still, “this is why it’s essential to always have the hybrid option … [to] have the virtual elements sorted,” Sharma said.

As the CNCF flagship conference, KubeCon brings together managers and users of a wide variety of cloud native technologies, including containerd, CoreDNS, Envoy, etcd, Fluentd, Harbor, Helm, Istio, Jaeger, Kubernetes, Linkerd, Open Policy Agent, Prometheus, Rook, Vitess, Argo, CRI-O, Crossplane, dapr, Dragonfly, Falco, Flagger, Flux, gRPC, KEDA, SPIFFE, SPIRE, Thanos and many, many more. Most have been featured on TNS at one time or another.

In this podcast, we also discuss what to expect from the virtual sessions at the conference, what to do in Valencia, the current state of Kubernetes, and we get some unofficial picks from Sharma and Rocha as to what keynotes not miss and what sessions to attend.

“The virtual option is great,” Rocha said. “But I think the in-person conferences have have their own value. And there’s a lot to be to be gained about meeting people directly and exchanging ideas and going to these events on the side of the conference as well.”

Image by iqbal nuril anwar from Pixabay