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Kubernetes Operators: Check out this New Online Cluster Ops SIG

Mar 10th, 2016 7:59am by
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Author Rob Hirschfeld is CEO and co-founder of RackN, which offers orchestration software for the container-centric data center. He has been in the cloud and infrastructure space for nearly 15 years, from working with early ESX betas to serving four terms on the OpenStack Foundation Board.

If you are running Kubernetes, in any capacity, we want to hear from you!

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Kubernetes community lately and I like what I’m seeing there in both development and the community.  From my years advocating for OpenStack operators, I’m acutely aware of the need to ensure operators have a strong voice in newly forming platforms.  We must not allow operators and deployment to become fragmented and dysfunctional.

For that reason, we’ve launched the Kubernetes Cluster Ops group to give operators a united voice in the project.

While we have a broader mission to promote operability and interoperability of Kubernetes clusters.  Our “community first” focus is to bring people together to talk about shared operations practices for Kubernetes clusters.  Our goal is to make Kubernetes broadly accessible with a common baseline reference and shared deployment tooling.

I believe strongly that people talking regularly is the critical ingredient for project success.  As we gain momentum as an operators’ group, we’ll take on engineering work that addresses concerns that have been raised.  Obviously, we’re also working on a mission statement and shared architectures too.

If you like to be part of community formation, now is the ideal time to join.  If you just want to hear about Kubernetes Ops, then we’re doing that too.  By design, we’re keeping the meta discussions time boxed.

Our first challenge will be collecting an informal inventory of operational details.  That includes your implementation plans and pilots.  That data should help us understand top priorities for operators.  If you’ve got a cluster but can’t share the details, please contact me directly and we’ll find a way to keep you anonymous.

Join us Thursday afternoons, 1 PM pacific time as we talk, via Zoom, about specific operational needs for Kubernetes Clusters including sharing stories, designing reference architectures and baselines and advocating for operational needs.

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