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Kubernetes and Continuous Deployment

18 Apr 2017 12:37pm, by

On today’s episode of The New Stack Makers, we met up with CEO and co-founder Alexis Richardson at CloudNativeCon + Kubecon EU. Our discussion explores the latest releases from Weave, including Weave EE and Weave Flux, designed to help enterprises better manage their cloud from behind their own firewalls. Richardson also discussed the importance of having centralized configuration when running Kubernetes in production, including how Prometheus helped Weave to recover and spin its clusters back up in less than 45 minutes after a complete system wipe.


4:14: So, tell me about Weave and where is it you guys are seeking to add value in this ecosystem?

5:58: Can you run this across AWS and Google Cloud?

7:05: So, tell us a bit about Weave Flux? What is Weave Flux?

8:21: So, with Kubernetes right now, it’s pretty young. It’s a young orchestration technology. Are there patterns though that you’re starting to see I’m thinking particularly with continuous delivery?

9:42: So joining the dots. How else are the dots joining?

10:39: So we’re sort of starting to see that journey emerge. What have you learned in your 18 months of running your cloud?

12:06: What is it about Prometheus that makes it easier to do than the technologies that you would consider its peers?

12:52: What’s in store for you guys at Weave? I’m just curious how you’re seeing things over the next 6-12 months?

14:27: So how do you then extrapolate that into their participation potentially into the community and standing shoulder to shoulder with everyone else?

16:30: Well, how about Microsoft then? Where is Microsoft right now?

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