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Kubernetes v1.0 now on GitHub, and KubeCon!

Jul 11th, 2015 12:29pm by
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Kubernetes is arguably the most dominant container platform in the market. Its use is increasingly widespread. It has a host of supporters behind it and a community that is only just ramping up.

Last night, Google Senior Software Engineer Brendan Burns merged Kubernetes V1.0.0 to master.The anticipated code merge comes with the big plans Google has for its launch at OSCON.

The Kubernetes ship is certainly cruising right now. I had several conversations at GopherCon about its rise as the underlying cluster management platform of choice. Red Hat OpenShift 3, for example, now runs on Kubernetes, as was announced at Red Hat Summit last month. IBM, HP, Mesosphere, Microsoft, CoreOS, VMware and Intel are also partnering with Google. Kubernetes is the one of the fastest growing project written in the Go programming language, second only to Docker. As of this writing, Kubernetes has 408 contributors.

Kelsey Hightower, one of the leading thinkers about this new infrastructure world, and CoreOS chief advocate and product manager, had this to say about Kubernetes now that it has reached 1.0 status:

There is lots to explore, but more so, just wanted to give a heads up that V1.0.0 is now on GitHub.


It only makes sense that the Kubernetes community now plans to have its own independent conference. This week, KubeCon was announced at GopherCon, the conference for the Go programming language community. KubeCon is scheduled for November 1-4 at the Denver Marriott.

Update: KubeCon is a go but it looks like the dates are getting finalized. We’ll let you know when the final dates are set.

Patrick Reilly and Joseph Jacks of Kismatic are organizing the event with Kelsey Hightower. The event will be produced by Brian Ketelsen and Erik St. Martin of GopherAcademy, the two behind the GopherCon conference. Kismatic is commercializing Kubernetes through open source plug-ins and enterprise support. CoreOS is a lightweight OS and platform that has a deep technology integration with Kubernetes.

KubeCon will be designed for both new and advanced users of the project to learn, collaborate and engage with one another, said Jacks in an email interview.

There’s this new app infrastructure circuit emerging. It’s related to the growth of an ecosystem about new infrastructures that encompass far more than just container technologies. GopherCon is testament to this new infrastructure ecosystem and its natural relationship with the open source community. It’s a conference about the Go programming language, tied closely to the container ecosystem by companies that are built on the Go open source language.

ContainerCon, ContainerCamp, Operability 1.0, the GoTo Conference and The Software Circus are just some of the conferences that are part of this new circuit. And those are just the ones coming up in the next two months. There will be more conferences that relate to the way this distributed world keeps rotating into new forms. Part machine, part algorithm — the way we live and work will be left to semi-automated systems that we interact with to keep context of a world with ever-deepening complexities. Conferences like these will only become more important as we seek to understand and shape the future of these fast emerging technologies that are so quickly changing the concepts that come with application development and management at scale.

CoreOS, Docker, HP, IBM and Red Hat are sponsors of The New Stack.

Feature image art by Miau Huang, a member of Golang Taiwan.

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