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KubeSec 2021: 5 Reasons You Can’t Miss It

On Oct. 12, the KubeSec Enterprise vSummit will bring the community together to discuss the state of Kubernetes security.
Oct 7th, 2021 6:38am by
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Story Tweedie-Yates
Story is the vice president of product at Aqua Security, where she is passionate about helping to define the future of cloud native security. In her time off, you will find her scooting her twins around Montreal’s parks or exploring underwater treasures with a scuba mask alongside her husband.

Today, many enterprises run cloud native applications and Kubernetes in production for their most complex and mission-critical systems. However, there’s no shortage of challenges when trying to secure cloud native applications. On Oct. 12, the KubeSec Enterprise vSummit will bring the community together to discuss the state of Kubernetes security and share experiences of enterprises securing real-world Kubernetes deployments.

KubeSec Enterprise vSummit is a full-day industry event taking place on Day 0 at KubeCon NA, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s annual flagship conference that gathers the leading open source and cloud native communities. While KubeCon is expected to cover general security topics for a broader audience, KubeSec will be entirely focused on successfully rolling out cloud native applications at large organizations with more demanding security and compliance requirements.

As a vendor-agnostic forum, KubeSec was launched in 2018 with the vision to help security practitioners at all levels from across the community to learn, connect and exchange fresh perspectives. This year, the summit will be fully virtual — no need to leave the comfort of your home, and you can join us from anywhere.

Who Should Attend KubeSec?

Whether you are just planning to deploy your first Kubernetes cluster and wish to learn from experts in the field, or you are an early adopter willing to share your challenges and experiences, KubeSec is an event for you. During the full-day summit, there will be plenty of valuable insights and educational sessions for all levels of Kubernetes maturity.

Here are the five reasons why you don’t want to miss it.

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss KubeSec

1. The Leading Industry Experts

Industry experts will be taking the stage this year to share emerging trends, opinions, technical insights and more. Thought leaders and executives from Microsoft, AWS, ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group), PNC Bank, and Accenture will talk about the biggest Kubernetes challenges for organizations and how cloud native security is evolving to address them. Check out the full lineup of speakers here.

2. Real-World End-User Experience

As with any useful technology, many organizations started testing Kubernetes with a project or two, but are increasingly finding themselves managing dozens or even hundreds of clusters. Hear firsthand about the challenges and successes of end users who have already deployed Kubernetes to support highly secure applications.

3. Hands-on Technical Talks

Are you looking to gain practical tips to improve your cloud native security posture? KubeSec has you covered! Technical talks will showcase real-world examples and practical ways to apply them in your production environments. Get actionable best practices, tools and guidance for deploying secure, scalable and resilient services on Kubernetes.

4. Guest Speaker

We just announced a surprise guest speaker with an unexpected talk track and exciting live demo. We are confident it will ignite new ideas and thoughts, bring you inspiration or open a refreshingly different perspective. Check out the agenda to find out who is our special guest.

5. Networking with Your Peers 

Yes, even virtually! The cloud native community is growing rapidly; plenty of new attendees are joining KubeSec this year. Connect with practitioners implementing Kubernetes in production to keep tabs on the latest trends in the cloud native ecosystem.

Register for KubeSec here and mark your calendar for Oct. 12. We will be streaming live. As part of the attendee experience, you will also have the opportunity to engage and interact with speakers during Q&As at the end of each session.

See you at KubeSec 2021!

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