Which agile methodology should junior developers learn?
Agile methodology breaks projects into sprints, emphasizing continuous collaboration and improvement.
Scrumban (a combination of Scrum and Kanban)
Extreme Programming (XP)
Other methodology
Bah, Waterfall was good enough for my elders, it is good enough for me
Junior devs shouldn’t think about development methodologies.
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Learn All About AllTheTalks.Org

On Wednesday April 15, Snyk is helping the DevOps and security communities to host the virtual fundraising tech conference.
Apr 13th, 2020 2:03pm by
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Snyk sponsored this post.

Sarah Conway
Sarah is Senior Partner for Marketing, Strategic Alliances at Snyk.

With in-person tech conferences on hold for the foreseeable future, the landscape of virtual tech conferences is growing. But not all virtual conferences are the same.

On Wednesday, April 15, Snyk is helping the DevOps and security communities to host the virtual fundraising tech conference. It’s a 23.999 hour (because 24 hours is a bit too much) community-focused event bringing together a diverse group of speakers from around the world. Check out the schedule.

General admission is free, but there is a suggested donation amount for attendees and sponsors. Donations will be directed to the World Health Organisation — COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. We expect to raise over $50,000 for this great and much-needed cause.

The event is the brainchild of Patrick Debois (@patrickdebois), director of DevOps relations at Snyk, with support from the Snyk developer relations team, the DevSecCon conference team, and the wider community.

“I watched Twitter and saw so many friends that could not speak, attend or organize events and at the same time I saw people starting to suffer from the effects personally,” Debois said. “This made it a no-brainer to do a fundraiser.”

Hoping to raise as much money as possible to benefit victims of the COVID-19 outbreak, Debois immediately reached out to the community for financial support and involvement. The response back has been overwhelmingly positive, with volunteers lending support as track chairs, CFP reviewers, and speakers.

The charity tied to the event benefits greatly from the support of a growing list of partner sponsors, which today includes Amazon Web Services (AWS), Boldstart Ventures, Bridgecrew, CircleCI, CloudBees, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, DomainTools, Epsagon, Github, Google, Heroku, JFrog, LightStep, mabl, Rapid7, Secure Code Warrior Ltd,, Stripes, Stack Hawk, Sumo Logic, TrendMicro, Vonage, The New Stack, and TypeForm.

“I’m involved as a track host, as well as doing research on different virtual conference platforms,” said Debois. “I’ve organized many community events and people are always happy to help. The fact that all donations go to charity make people want to show their best!”

“We are in unique times and it’s important to support each other through unique ways,” said Mike Milner, global director of application security technology at Trend Micro. “Snyk has put together an ideal combination of helping others with a fundraiser and helping oneself with learning opportunities, through Trend Micro is so proud to be a part of this as a sponsor as well as a presenter. Register today for a good cause, and join me to learn more about how to use observability for security and audit, and helping DevOps teams become more secure.”

Talks You Don’t Want To Miss

With five tracks covering DevOps/DevSecOps, Security, JavaScript, Java and Cloud Native/Container topics, there are more than one hundred talks to choose from.

For the DevOps/DevSecOps track, Debois explained that there are a variety of subjects and many are about relationships — including working closer together across developer, operation and security silos, the relationship between technology and humans, as well as the relationship at the personal/team level.

One of the talks that shouldn’t be missed is from John Allspaw (@allspaw), co-founder at Adaptive Capacity Labs in New York City. Allspaw will be talking about what it means to actually learn from a security incident.

Supply chain security is another important topic at this event. GitHub security engineer Maya Kaczorowski (@MayaKaczorowski) is set to deliver a talk entitled “Software Supply Chain Threats are Real,” in which she’ll outline one of the most impactful areas of cybersecurity today.

A key part of modern IT operations, especially in the work-from-home era, is culture. That’s a topic Jeffrey Fredricks (@jtf) and Douglas Squirrel  (@douglassquirrel) will be tackling in their session “Frustrated? Transform your Conversations to Transform your Culture.”

The Evolution of Application Security

The evolution of application security is also a hot button topic that will be addressed. Garrett Gross, a Rapid7 technical advisor for application security, and Alyssa Miller, a Snyk application security advocate, will share how application security is evolving.

“We constantly hear about security shifting left in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC),” Debois commented, “but what about development pushing right as teams continue to deploy apps using cloud and container technologies? In order for modern-day application security programs to achieve success, there is a need for shared responsibility across development, security and operations teams.”

“By integrating security earlier, with a developer-centric mindset, development teams can trust that their ops and security peers share in their mission to release good software, fast,” he added.

In the JavaScript track, Charly Poly (@whereischarly) will make the case that GraphQL is much more than an efficient way of fetching data from the client-side. He’ll look at four new use cases in “GraphQL Fantastic Four.” And Cheryl Hung, Cloud Native Computing Foundation director of ecosystem, will share results from the recent The 2019 CNCF Survey, the 7th report to be published, and talk about what users of cloud native technologies can expect next.

Beyond the many great talks to review and slot in, the hardest logistical challenge has been finding a good online platform.

“Logistically the hardest thing to come by is an affordable venue to hold a big event,” Debois said. “The equivalent is now picking the right online platform. This is definitely not a polished space yet, and everybody is tuning their solution. The challenge is to create a ‘warm’ always on event, which is why we went for a 24-hour approach.”

The AllTheTalks conference is taking place on Wednesday, April 15, 2020. Sponsorship opportunities, as well as tickets, are still available.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), CircleCI, CloudBees, Cloud Native Computing Foundation and LightStep are sponsors of The New Stack.

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