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Linden Lab’s Project Sansar Brings Virtual Reality to Second Life

Feb 5th, 2018 1:33pm by
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Project Sansar Brings VR to Second Life

On this newest episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, Tara Hernandez, Linden Lab’s senior director of engineering, and Lu Chen, Linden Lab Data Analyst joins host T.C. Currie to talk about Project Sansar, the next generation of Second Life currently in beta.

While Second Life was an immersive experience, Hernandez explained, it was not full immersive experience like one can have using true virtual reality (VR). Project Sansar is focused more on social VR, meaning you interact more with other people rather than complex content. Her favorite experience, just released to the public, is The Hollywood Experience, which includes a collection of early Star Wars materials where you are allowed to pick up and interact with.

Find out what’s in the stack behind Sansar, where the magic happens, how the development team plans on scaling the massive amounts of expected data once Sansar is out of beta, and how having a diverse team has made the product better.

In This Edition:

1:38: What’s the difference between social VR and regular VR?
4:57: How much data is this creating?
9:32: How do you decide what features you need?
11:00: How do you decide what’s in the stack?
14:56: How are you planning on scaling?
19:02: How have your experiences as a senior engineer, a data analyst, and as women of color enriched this project?

Feature image by Billetto Editorial on Unsplash.

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