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Lineaje Unveils SBOM360 Hub for Software Bills of Materials

SBOM360 Hub offers a comprehensive service that enables you to manage and publish their software distribution chain efficiently through a unified platform.
May 24th, 2023 8:46am by
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We all need to use SBOMs moving forward, Lineaje gives you a way to manage them.

Using Software Bills of Material (SBOM) isn’t just a good idea. It’s the law. No, seriously. It is. Executive Order 14028 requires software inventories to be automatically generated if they’re to be used in Federal agencies and presented to the appropriate agencies by Sept. 14, 2023. If you’re smart, you’re already on top of that. But, if you need to effortlessly deliver your SBOMs, check out Lineaje‘s SBOM360 Hub repository

SBOM360 Hub offers a comprehensive service that enables you to manage and publish their software distribution chain efficiently through a unified platform. With SBOM360 Hub, software producers will be able to publish all their SBOMs to their entire distribution chain in one place.

Subscribe to SBOMS

Simultaneously, software consumers can subscribe to their vendors’ SBOMS and manage their entire software supply chain in one location. They can also subscribe to specific notifications, such as when new versions are available or when new vulnerabilities are found. The SBOM360 Hub assessment engines continuously scan all subscribed SBOMs and provide automated notifications for relevant updates.

SBOM360 Hub’s key features include the following:

  1. With SBOM360 Hub, software producers and sellers can swiftly create and publish approved, attested, and compliant SBOMs, self-attestation forms, and related artifacts for their products. These can be mapped to the SKUs they offer, ensuring smooth and private sharing with customers and the distribution chain.
  2. The platform enables software distributors and resellers to request SBOMs and related artifacts from vendors. They can easily make these available to their distribution channels and customers with a single click, facilitating efficient information flow.
  3. By subscribing to SBOM360 Hub, software consumers gain access to a centralized location where they can search for and request specific vendor SBOMs and related artifacts. They can directly communicate with their vendors to obtain all the necessary information for evaluation, purchase, and compliance. Additionally, the platform provides automated updates on software changes, new versions, and vulnerabilities, ensuring users stay informed.

Moreover, SBOM360 Hub offers comprehensive security profiles of open source dependencies within commercial products, providing a valuable tool for vulnerability assessment and better roadmap planning. Users can identify trends in the security profile of each software component, enabling collaboration and enhanced decision-making throughout the software distribution chain.

Private, Secure, Searchable

The SBOM360 Hub also includes a private, secure, and searchable environment for publishing and sharing SBOMs. Within that environment, the creator controls the depth and width of what users see. With this, you can customize the data to meet specific compliance requirements. It also supports both product-level and SKU-level SBOMs. This means it’s simple for software producers to offer multiple versions of a product. In addition, continuous assessment and automated notifications for subscribed SBOMs, keeps users informed of critical security updates.

SBOM360 Hub is now available for Early Access, offering a free trial for software producers, consumers, distributors, resellers, and system integrators. You can give it a try now to see if it will meet your needs. Remember, the SBOM clock is ticking.

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