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Live from Portland: Nike, Oracle, Microsoft and Chef on What the User Wants

2 Dec 2019 2:59pm, by

Raygun sponsored this post.

Andre van den Assum
Andre is the marketing manager at Raygun, where he is passionate about the role of software in driving innovation and the importance of monitoring to better understand your customer.

Raygun’s Tech Leaders’ series is going on tour and now, thanks to The New Stack, you can watch the entire event live.

Moderated by Scott Hanselman and joined by an all-star panel, the Portland Tech Leaders’ event will discuss what it means to monitor what matters in order to deliver world-class software.

In order to stay ahead, leading software teams must keep their end users up to speed at the forefront of everything they do — such as finding and using the best tools, processes and workflows to build, learn and iterate faster than ever before.

In this interactive panel discussion you will learn how software teams at Nike, Oracle, Microsoft, and Chef prioritize user experience and performance in their product development workflow, by closing the feedback loop and monitoring what matters.

They will discuss:

  • How to bring customers closer to your development workflow in a way that drives real learning and action.
  • Key success metrics for monitoring user experience and performance.
  • How to balance quality and speed of delivery, so everyone in your team can ship more confidently and more often.

This will be an interactive session, so if you have any questions please email the organizers ahead of time and we’ll ask them live. if you can’t make it to watch the event live, you can still register and we’ll send you the recording. Register now for this exclusive livestream event Dec. 11, 12:30-1:30 p.m. PST.