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Loading up on Hot Dogs, the Cloud Boys of Summer, Peak Foundation — Software Defined Talk #38

27 Jul 2015 9:27am, by

Can you ever go back to just writing code? We discuss. With the launch of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, we discuss how it relates to other foundations and cloud-land in general. We also talk about who’s not in the open cloud club, like DigitalOcean, and how things might pan out for them. And, of course, a little bit of OpenStack.

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Show notes

The OpenStack Update

The “K” Word

DigitalOcean, What’s up With Them?

  • Meanwhile in cloud: DigitalOcean and trolling OpenStack, DigitalOcean raising $83 million.
  • Not using OCP, not using OpenStack, could open source: “At some point in the future, it would be good to see other open source frameworks take a run at OpenStack, since today I feel like they [OpenStack] are the only game in town,” Uretsky said. “We come from the open source world and would like to be able to contribute a project that actually delivers real value.” Dude don’t like OpenStack, yo.
  • “[T]he business is fundamentally solid with profit margins that exceed those of Amazon’s Web Services … ” How do they know?

DevOps and Windows NT Patching

  • We were invited to be on a SolarWinds panel (a little excerpt and recording).
  • While the audience match wasn’t perfect, it was delightful and we had an excellent time.
  • Also, Coté is speaking at DevOpsDays Chicago, August 25 and 26.

The Coté & Matt Ray Financials Bump?


  • Brandon: Mr. Robot, the TV show.
  • Matt: Slack, more or less.
  • Coté: chili powder on watermelon.

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