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Meet the Technical Team for The New Stack’s Upcoming Kubernetes and Serverless Ebooks

Jun 6th, 2017 6:00am by
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We want our ebooks to reflect the real work that real people do with automation and integration every day.  So The New Stack has retained two very distinguished engineers — two fellows you know, if you’re a regular reader of ours — to ensure that the observations we make and the processes we explain reflect the way the parts of the stack actually work.

Krishnan Subramanian and Janakiram MSV are two highly recognized analysts in the cloud-native community. We are honored they are working with us at The New Stack, as contributing editors to our forthcoming ebook on the Kubernetes ecosystem, and our upcoming ebook series on serverless architecture.

Krishnan Subramanian

Krishnan is our technical editor, working with our writers to develop the outline and narrative for the series. He is the founder and chief research advisor at Rishidot Research and is well-known in the industry as a leading analyst. He was one of the first analysts to cover the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) space, which arguably stood as the predecessor to the cloud-native ecosystem. Previously at Red Hat, he worked on the OpenShift team, back when the company made its first commitment to the container ecosystem, making its platform available on Kubernetes.

Krishnan works closely with our New Stack team, including Scott M. Fulton III, editor, and producer for ebooks and podcasts. Apart from his work with us, Krishnan is now a full-time technical advisor, analyst, and consultant, whose services I would recommend highly. Krishnan is available for briefings with new clients.

Janakiram MSV

Janakiram is our lead writer for the Kubernetes ebook series and is one of The New Stack’s most popular and knowledgeable authors. He wrote our Use Cases for Kubernetes ebook, as well as several ebook chapters for The New Stack series about the Docker and Container Ecosystem. Janakiram is an analyst, advisor, and architect with a focus on emerging technologies. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he worked at Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Nokia. His previous venture was acquired by a global systems integrator. He simultaneously serves as an Amazon and Microsoft certified cloud architect, a Google Developer Expert, and a Microsoft Regional Director. He is working closely with Krishnan on the development of the Kubernetes ebook series. Contact Janakiram to learn more about the advisory and consulting services that he offers.

For these ebooks, Janakiram and Krishnan will be assisted by veteran TNS analyst Lawrence Hecht, who will crunch all the numbers from the Kubernetes and serverless communities to reveal heretofore hidden insights. Hecht has 15 years’ experience producing analysis and reports about enterprise IT B2B markets. As well as managing research projects for The New Stack, Lawrence engages with consulting clients to create content for thought-leadership peer-evangelism targeted to developers. He previously managed “voice of the customer” surveys for the 451 Research and TheInfoPro.

The New Stack is committed to providing readers with the finest and most accurate explanations, for the complex technologies that developers and engineers use every day for deploying, and managing applications at scale. Both Krish and Jani have the experience to create a cohesive narrative, woven across various topics multiple series, to give you a single, clear, illuminating picture of the software engineering world today.

Many of our ebooks for engineers and developers today focus on “ecosystems” — an over-used term, to be sure, but a way for us to explore important, developing technologies from multiple perspectives. The three-volume Kubernetes ecosystem ebook series will adopt an approach we’re devising for exploring important technologies that are developing momentum in the cloud-native realm.

The first volume in this series, slated for July, covers the state of the Kubernetes ecosystem. Book 2 will explore patterns and pipelines in Kubernetes, and Book 3 will explore other software ecosystems that intersect with Kubernetes.

We look forward to working with Krishnan and Janakiram on the Kubernetes ebook series, on future ebook projects, on podcasts, and at technology events. And we’re honored to have them both contributing to this publication.

Feature image by Alex Williams at CloudNativeCon + KubeCon Berlin.

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