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Multicloud Not Growing Rapidly for Okta

How many Okta customers are using more than one cloud.
Feb 10th, 2022 7:49am by
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One of the themes of Okta’s eighth annual Businesses at Work user conference is the rise of multicloud. The single sign-on, authentication, access management vendor tells us that among customers that use its products to deploy to the cloud, those using two or more cloud platforms increased from 8% to 14% over the last four years.

Overall, 33% of Okta customers used it to deploy to the cloud in 2017 and 40% do so now. We can’t tell what products they are referring to, but we are hearing stories of companies using Okta in conjunction with other products to deploy and manage infrastructure remotely. The report did note a rising number of MongoDB Cloud and Terraform Cloud customers, with the latter being used to manage multicloud environments.

# of Cloud Platforms Okta Customers Use If They Use Okta to Deploy to a Cloud

Source: Okta’s Eight Annual Businesses at Work


Source: Okta’s Eight Annual Businesses at Work

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