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Nerd Herd: Trucking Over to Raleigh for All Things Open

Oct 27th, 2017 2:52pm by
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Open source is people, Danese Cooper pointed out to attendees at the All Things Open conference this week in Raleigh North Carolina. Cooper (picture above) is a noted open source advocate, and her message resonated with the warm, friendly vibe of the conference,  a labor-of-love for tireless organizer Jason Hibbets. The importance of people to technology was reinforced by an inspiring talk by Safia Abdalla who reminded the audience that, in this sometimes-intimidating industry, it is important to share not just code but knowledge, especially for newbies. And Jeff Atwood hammered home the point that open source software, by its very nature, “encourages us to be our better selves.”

Raleigh is a lovely hospital city to visit. Next time you find yourself downtown there, be sure to try to mac ‘n’ cheese at Poole’s Diner. Amazing!

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Shane Curcuru of Punderthings Consulting and Jim Jagielski of Capital One.


(Right to left): Jenna Tollerson, Kendra Skeene, Nikhil Deshpande, all of Digital Services Georgia.


Danese Cooper (left), with TNS founder Alex Williams

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