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A New Developer Conference Explores the Intersection of Infrastructure and Application Technologies

4 May 2017 3:10pm, by

On this episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast, we sat down with Ken Owens, Cisco chief technology officer for the Cloud Platforms and Services group, Susie Wee, Cisco vice president and chief technology officer of DevNet Innovations and Networked Experiences, and our guest analyst for this recording, Krishnan Subramanian, Rishidot Research CEO and chief research advisor. The topic of discussion was the Cisco DevNet Create conference and the focus on the intersection of infrastructure and application technologies.

#136: A New Developer Conference Explores Intersection of Infrastructure and Application Technology

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Cisco’s blog post linked above offers a detailed description of the event:

The application development landscape is changing.  Innovation that has its roots in startups, APIs, cloud computing, containers and microservices is quickly making its way into the enterprise and into verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and transportation.

 (Cisco is) launching DevNet Create to bring together the application developers, infrastructure engineers, designers, innovators, DevOps engineers and IT Pros who want to define and build this new landscape.

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