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New Hires at The New Stack

Oct 21st, 2015 4:46pm by
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Hi. The New Stack continues to grow and with that has come the need to make some new hires. Our goal at The New Stack is to explain and analyze application development and management at scale. Our team is a tight one that is working to cover this new world in thoughtful and meaningful ways. We are thrilled to expand with a new group of skilled and talented people.


Joab Jackson, Managing Editor

Joab Jackson recently started writing for us. Monday, he assumed the role of managing editor for The New Stack site. Patricia Dugan has been with us now more than a month as director of community marketing and development. Monday she joined us on a full-time basis. Ben Ball joined us earlier last month as our technical editor and producer.

Joab will oversee The New Stack’s daily flow of stories, work with writers and help develop a data research-focused approach to our reporting and analysis. He will be involved in editorial planning, hiring, coordinating with audio and video editors, helping with special projects and working with the design team in the development of the overall editorial product.


Patricia Dugan, Director of Community Marketing & Development

Patricia has already shown what a huge help she is to The New Stack. We are excited to have her work for us on a full-time basis. She will continue to develop our community marketing focus and will also work with me on business development. She has been instrumental in managing our social media, working with sponsors and readying our ebook about Docker and the container ecosystem for its launch yesterday.

ben ball

Benjamin Ball, Technical Editor & Producer

Ben joined us from DZone, where he oversaw ebook editing and production. He is now leading our ebook development, working as editorial lead for our series about Docker and the container ecosystem.

We welcome Joab, Patricia and Ben to the team. It’s great to have them join us.

Please contact me any time with any questions or thoughts you might have.



Image: “Eggs and Pancakes” by Michael Dorausch is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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