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New Relic Expands Observability Platform with New Logging, Tracing and Metrics

Sep 19th, 2019 6:00am by
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New Relic sponsored this story.

IT systems monitoring service provider New Relic is expanding its flagship New Relic One observability platform to include new capabilities in logging, traces, and metrics.


In addition, the company has also unrolled the ability for end-users to build their own applications on top of New Relic One. This could help organizations to use observability data to provide insight for other business offices. The programming framework uses React and GraphQL and comes with pre-built templates for common functionality.

The company showed off these new features Thursday at its FutureStack user conference in New York City.

With New Relic Logs, operations teams can correlate log data with application and infrastructure data from a single, query-able, view. Those already using third-party log management tools can get rid of them, and use New Relic’s integrated capabilities instead.

Likewise, New Relic Traces and New Relic Metrics allow users to ingest data from third-party sensors, correlating the data to make dependencies across environments, which is ideal for debugging elusive performance issues within distributed systems.

In addition, New Relic is fielding capabilities in artificial intelligence, with New Relic AI, which can do some of the preliminary work of correlating, aggregating and prioritizing incident data across multiple tools. This feature could be a real help to on-call teams, that would help them proactively detect and resolve incidents faster. The service also integrates with PagerDuty, Slack and other tools commonly used in incident management workflows.

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