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Software Defined Talk: OpenStack Enters the Plateau of Productivity

Apr 29th, 2016 3:45pm by
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OpenStack is crawling its way into the plateau of productivity; the Software Defined Talk crew submits during this week of the OpenStack Summit in Austin. In this podcast episode, #61 for those following along, the gang also discusses the recent Docker survey findings and some overly precise number on private versus public cloud adoption. Coté even manages to insult the entire Eastern seaboard, especially Annapolis. Listen here:

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Show Notes


Docker Survey Out: #WhatDoYouMakeOfThat

  • Are respondents the Hacker News set? 511 respondents: 59 percent from software companies, 56 percent from organizations with less than 100 employees, 47 percent developers or developer managers.
  • 51 percent in production.
  • “Survey respondents reported on average a 13X increase in frequency of software releases.”
  • “Because Docker makes it simple and easy to push software out, isolate issues and roll back, over 63% of organizations report a reduction in their MTTR, which impacts overall software quality and customer satisfaction.”

Cloud About to Get HUGE

  • “Amazon Seeing ‘Momentous’ Change of Guard as Public Cloud ‘Booms,’ says JP Morgan”: “CIOs report that 16.2% of workloads are currently running in the public cloud and that in five years 41.3% of workloads will run in a public cloud. This suggests at least a 20% CAGR in public cloud workloads over the next five years. In our view, a near- tripling of the public cloud-based workload mix represents a monumental architectural shift, which shows no signs of abating and is likely to create a major ripple effect across the entire technology landscape.”

How Does Wall Street Work, Again?

Feedback & Follow-up

  • Full Snack Developer: Old Bay Seasoning on French Fries: That is Coté’s new God.
  • Mesos is fleet management. How’s that one handle on the curves?
  • Chapters in podcasts. I used Chapter app, and it was better than the half-ass results with Fission. But, still, the marks didn’t line up perfectly. Computers — amirite? (Don’t get me wrong: Fission is awesome, but — really?)
  • We should be in Google Play Podcasts: Can someone verify this before they EOL it?
  • I heard that two people have used the code CF16COTE to register for the CF Summit. I’m going to believe they’re from the listeners here and not my newsletter. HOW YOU LIKE MY CPM NOW?!
  • They love us in Brazil!


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