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Party Circuit: DevOps Superheroes at CloudBees’ DevOps World | Jenkins World

Aug 30th, 2019 1:00pm by
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For the attendee party of its annual user DevOps World | Jenkins World conference, CloudBees provided superhero capes for everyone. And with good reason, as the process of developing software and getting out the door in a speedy “DevOps”-style is certainly a challenge, but ones these Jenkins users are more  than prepared for. Here are some photos from the event, and from elsewhere in the conference.

Bryan Bishop, software developer, and Sarma Khan, senior site reliability engineer, at the superhero party. Both work for Pearson in Iowa City, Iowa.

The Johnnado, sort of like Sharknado, he says, is independent software developer and consultant John McGehee

Smita Myran, systems analyst, Prudential, Susan L. Taylor, systems manager, Prudential, and Bryan Teague, senior web administrator, University of San Diego, discuss the challenges of different environments and company policies.

Apple software engineer Deepak Sukumavan poses with some friends.

Harshana Nanayakkara, senior software test engineer, poses for a caricature. He works for Ravensdown, a company in New Zealand applying technology to improve farming.

Lisa Hyndman, Google Cloud developer relations event manager, and Tara Hernandez, Google Cloud senior engineering manager, chat at the Women-in-Tech meetup.


CloudBees sponsored this post, which was created independently by The New Stack.

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