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Party Circuit: KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Barcelona + Paella + Estrella Damm…

May 31st, 2019 11:05am by
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The folks running KubeCon + CloudNativeCon always find the exquisite spots to hold the attendee party, and this year’s event in Barcelona was no exception. Poble Espanyol is a reconstructed town of 117 buildings, which were created to show off the architectures predominant throughout various regions of Spain. Under gorgeous evening skies, techies gathered to talk about their own architecture, as well as catch up with friends and remote coworkers, as they enjoyed paella and the excellent regional beer Estrella Damm.  

Left to right: Wesley Payne, Linux Academy;  Ell Marquez, Linux Academy, Jupiter Broadcasting; Mark Korondi, Acronis; Mattia Belluco, University of Zurich.


The VMware posse in full force! Left to right: Vladimir Vivien, Kendrick Cole, Simone Morellato, Patrick Daigle and Susan Wu.


This is what a hacker looks like: Heroku’s Ian Coldwater.


Reynan Court B.V’s Uday Vishwakarma (left) and Debarshi Basak.


Joshua Grose (left), Spiros Xanthos, Omnition.


Google’s Gobind Johar (left) and Bowei Du.


Left to Right: Audi AG’s Hendrik Drath and JLU Giessen’s Marius Dieckmann.


Left to Right: Javier Salmeron, Bitnami; Juan Ariza; Alvaro Manuel Receio Perez, Tupl Spain S.L.; Marcos Bjoerkelund, Bitnami.


Supergiant brought the sparkle: Mark Brandon (left) and Kateryna Nazina.


SignalFX’s Konrad Pacula (left) and Woody Labejof.


The Mesosphere squad was all up in KubeCon (Left to right): Sofyen Marzougui, Alexandra Steadman, Ruel Shenoy, Antoine Binetruy.


Adfinis SyGroup AG’s Lukas Hausermann (left) and Michael Imfeld.

Norris Deajon is a videographer/photographer based in the Austin area.

AspenMesh, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, VMware are sponsors of The New Stack.

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