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Party Circuit: Pivotal SpringOne Platform Finds Harmony in Austin

Oct 18th, 2019 11:59am by
Featued image for: Party Circuit: Pivotal SpringOne Platform Finds Harmony in Austin

Pivotal chose the second week in October to host a conference centered around its Spring Framework, and what it does to enhance the performance of the Java platform. SpringOne Platform took place at the Convention Center in Austin, Texas, a city nicknamed the “Live Music Capital of the World.” The event featured keynote speakers (some of whom sang on stage) by panel discussions, breakout discussions, social events, a hands-on lab and many other activities. Below are photos of some of the thousands of SpringOne attendees.

A great group of Pivotal staffers (L to R) Claire Laurence, Kristine Luis, Megan Columbus, Michelle Lee, and Patrick Gillis.

Taking new ideas back to ID Analytics are (L to R) Komal Bhayana and Tejaswini Chanumolu.

Emily Johnson (right) shows off some nice form at playing cornhole with Aaron Meza  Both work with Pivotal.

SpringOne gets a thumbs up from these attendees from Japan, (L to R) Katsumi Kawasaki of Softbank Corp., Shinichiro Ishijima of EMC Japan, and Tadashi Ito of EMC Japan.

Examining some code in the conference’s hands on area are (L to R) Nitin Bhatnagar of Wipro, Koundinya Srinivasarao of Pivotal and Gopinath Miryala of Wipro.

Showing off the magic of Magenic are (L to R) Matt Aberbach, Steven Beasley and Tricia Donovan.

VMware had a huge presence at SpringOne, including (L to R) Marla Guanga, Erica Moon, Alain Roy, Susan Wu and Hassan Tahir.

Taking time out to rescue a princess is Cecilia Ortiz of Mphasis.

Having a virtual good time is Dominic Bavaro of Dell EMC.

Striking a pose is (right) Raj Kaimal of Dell E-Commerce.

Bryan Liles enjoyed some networking with Joel Freedman (center) and Marvin Mitchell (right) both of Pivotal.

Pivotal and VMWare are sponsors of The New Stack.

Feature image: (L to R) Anand Rao and Usha Ramachandran.

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