Party Circuit: Toasting Open Source at the Cloud Foundry Summit EU

20 Sep 2019 1:19pm, by

With its streets lined with stately and historic buildings, The Hague is the seat of government for The Netherlands, and the seat of justice for the countries of the world. However, on Sept. 11, people came from far and wide to The Hague’s World Forum Convention Centre seeking information about open source applications and platforms. The Cloud Foundry Foundation chose this beautiful city for its 2019 Cloud Foundry Summit EU. Below are several photos of attendees taking part in the booth crawl and other social activities.

A high-flying group from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. (L to R) Vinit Sharma, Kriti Singh, Nathan WattimenaBrenda Kusabardy-BudihartoAJ Homma, and David Trooch of CGI Netherlands B.V.


Toasting open source with LogicMonitor‘s Georgina Lane, Samuel Tilley and Sabreena Ali.

The crew from Volkswagen AG — Jesus Anton Serrano, Benjamin Aderhold, Timo Drotleff and Roman Wolf.

Posing Pivotal employees, Merrio De Launey, Reid MitchellRyan RichardPurna MehtaSarah Weinstein and Belinda Yiu.

From SAP, we caught up with Matthias Braach, Karthikeyan Ramamoorthi, Sreekesh Srinivas.

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