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Picasso Didn’t Have Markdown, or “Matt Ray’s DevOps World” — Software Defined Talk #44

23 Sep 2015 5:24pm, by

What went wrong with Evernote? We winsomely open up discussing that and the inevitable markdown commentary. We also discuss the incomprehensible (to Coté) nature of security, HP shedding 30,000 jobs, and beef.

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Show Notes

  • Oracle revenue drops (blame the dollar): “Oracle Chief Executive Officer Safra Catz said last quarter that a traditional $1 million software licensing deal is worth about $3 million over 10 years, compared with $10 million for an equivalent cloud deal, because the million-dollar cloud deal refreshes every year.”
  • Infrastructure as code might be literally impossible: This just in — computers are terrible. One hundred and seven slides. Don’t worry. It’s a Zen Preso, brohain.
  • re:Invent is coming soon. Coté: oddly, I’ve never been. What’s the play here? BizDev, finding customers? The usual?



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