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PlatformCon 2024 Call for Proposals, Registration Now Open

The world's largest platform engineering event will host the leading minds in platform engineering June 10-14 online. Submit your talk by Feb. 25.
Jan 23rd, 2024 6:39am by
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PlatformCon 2024 will bring some of the biggest names in the platform engineering space together on one virtual stage, and you could be one of them. The online conference will run June 10-14, and the call for proposals is open until Feb. 25. So if you’re a practitioner and have a story to share about your platform journey, now’s your chance to submit your talk.

What Is PlatformCon All About?

PlatformCon is a virtual event that brings together the most informative and influential minds in the platform engineering and DevOps space. The highly anticipated conference features a week-long schedule packed with must-see talks from thought leaders and platform veterans across every major topic in the space. Attendees can dive deep into multiple areas of platform engineering, ranging from how to get stakeholder buy-in for your platform initiative to how to actually build the ideal platform.

Based on PlatformCon attendance over the last two years and current pre-launch registration numbers, we estimate there’ll be close to 35,000 sign-ups. This firmly establishes PlatformCon as the biggest platform engineering event globally — no contest.

Gain Valuable Knowledge and Expand Your Network

PlatformCon 2024 is the perfect opportunity to bolster your knowledge and your network, with plenty of chances to meet and engage with speakers and fellow participants. Each 15-minute lightning talk will be categorized into one of five different tracks: Stories, Tech, Blueprints, Culture and Impact. This enables attendees to thoroughly explore the various dimensions of platform engineering.

This year’s event will also feature an open source software day to highlight some of the awesome open source projects in the platform engineering space. The day will also zoom in on the latest platform engineering trends and developments and provide valuable insights you won’t want to miss.

Platformcon 2024's daily schedule plan

Attendees can join live virtual kickoff events for their region and watch talks at their own pace since all will be recorded. Speakers will be available for Q&A on the Platform Engineering Slack channel, and the virtual conference will end with a live-streamed closing event on Friday.

Call for Proposals: Get Involved and Submit a Talk

If you’re a practitioner and have built a platform, the platform engineering community welcomes you to submit your talk. Perhaps you’ve got a tried and tested blueprint to share, a story about your real-life enterprise use case or valuable insights on the impact of your platform engineering initiative. Now’s your chance to speak at the number-one event in platform engineering.

PlatformCon 2024 is already off to a flying start, having secured nearly every big player in the space, including author Gregor Hohpe, OpenCredo’s Nicki Watt, Syntasso’s Paula Kennedy, Honeycomb’s Charity Majors and many others. But with five days’ worth of sessions, there’s plenty of room for more.

Register for free to secure your place and get updates on new speakers, opportunities to get involved, and in-person and virtual meetups. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to join, the lead organizer of PlatformCon and the world’s largest community of platform engineers.

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