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Podcast Power Panel: Where Is Kubernetes Going Now?

Jun 23rd, 2017 11:53am by and
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Where will Kubernetes eventually fit in the emerging picture of the distributed applications stack? Is it the virtual infrastructure provider for developers’ work environments? And if that’s the case, doesn’t that work against its chances to penetrate more production environments? Or is it the physical infrastructure manager that OpenStack may never have become for many users?

These are questions that The New Stack’s Alex Williams and Scott Fulton put to three of the most respected names in open source infrastructure: Donnie Berkholz, former analyst with 451 Research, and now vice president of IT service delivery at Carlson Wagonlit Travel; Krishnan Subramanian, founder and chief research advisor at Rishidot Research; and Janakiram MSV, principal at Janikiram & Associates. Listen to “Where is Kubernetes Going Now?” an all new episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast.

#139 Power Panel: Where is Kubernetes Going Now?

In This Edition:

[10:36]  Krishnan: “Suddenly Kubernetes came and took the gas out of Docker.”

[18:57]  Jani: Kubernetes aligns with “how traditional IT, sysadmins, and developers worked for the last few decades.”

[22:43]  Donnie: “When you want to bring it in-house, who’s going to sign the checks? It’s not gonna be the developers.”

[30:20]  Jani: “It’s impossible to think of any meaningful application that doesn’t consume open source.”

[32:14]  Donnie: Developers might have more interest in managing operational workloads “if it’s something they can code.”

[38:23]  Krishnan: “Kubernetes by itself is not a developer platform.”

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